Welcome to 1519. This is the great journey that the portuguese Ferdinand Magellan made at the age of 39, departing from Seville with 237 men to meet places on Earth that few had seen and where there were rare and valuable things

Written byManuela Goucha Soares Map bySofia Miguel Rosa Web DesignTiago Pereira Santos Web DeveloperMaria Romero TranslationJoana Henriques (English)andJorge Pires (Spanish) Special Project EditorJoana Beleza Chief EditorJoão Vieira Pereira
Written by
Manuela Goucha Soares
Map by
Sofia Miguel Rosa
Web Design
Tiago Pereira Santos
Web Developer
Maria Romero
Joana Henriques (English)
Jorge Pires (Spanish)
Special Project Editor
Joana Beleza
Chief Editor
João Vieira Pereira

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